Policy Support

Understanding the policy environment in which agricultural intensification occurs and the barriers to social inclusion and equity for women and marginalised households is a key research focus of SIAGI.

A three stage approach will be adopted for policy analysis:

  1. Firstly, a desktop review of existing policies across relevant sectors like agriculture, irrigation (including groundwater); rural development; rural employment (MGNREGS, etc), watershed development, etc; will be carried out. Materials examined may include policy documents, institutional interventions, impact studies of relevant policies and institutional interventions. Old and new policy documents will be critically reviewed to describe the existing policy matrix and institutional mapping.
  2. At the second stage policy constraints and institutional bottlenecks will be highlighted with the inputs from discussions and interviews with the stakeholders at various levels.
  3. Finally, potential policy interventions along with the institutional imperatives will be presented and discussed with the stakeholders in order to assess their feasibility and to inject them into the modelling scenarios of the integrative modelling research.


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