Project Resources

The SIAGI Project Brief

Ethical Community Engagement

The SIAGI Ethical Engagement Discussion Paper (May 2017)

Workshop Report on Ethical Community Engagement: Perspectives and Practice. May 12-17, 2017

Ethical Community Engagement for Intensification, Inclusion and Collectivization (July 2017)

The Principles and Practices of Ethical Community Engagement. Resources to support engaging for impact (prepared for Research Development Impact Network – October 2019)

NGO Practice 

Processes, Principles and Challenges of Inclusive Community Engagement: Distilling NGO Best Practice (July 2018)

Value Chains 

Agricultural Intensification at Haldibari of Coochbehar District, West Bengal: A Comparison of Major Crops (July 2018)

A Comparative Value Chain Analysis of Major Crops at Haldibari Market  (July 2018)

Mango Farming by Self Help Groups at Jhariakocha of Bankura District  (July 2018)

Tea Plantation by Small Tea Growers at Jahuri Talma in Jalpaiguri District (July 2018)

Agricultural Intensification at Sekendarkhali Village of Amtali Upazila, Bangladesh: Market Dynamics of Sunflower (July 2018)

Developing Socially Inclusive Value Chains in West Bengal: Role of Farmer Producer Organizations (July 2018)

Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture (NSA)

Co-designing a Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture (NSA) Program in Bankura (July 2018)

Bioeconomic and Integrated Modelling

SIAGI Conceptual Framework

Development of Prototype Models using Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping  (July 2018)

Review of Integrated Modelling Approaches for R4D in Rural Communities  (July 2018)

Stakeholder-driven Discussion Support Tool for Agricultural Development through Suitable Crop Choices (July 2018)

A Synthesis of Risks and Opportunities of Agricultural Intensification in the SIAGI Case Study Areas (July 2018)

Baseline Reports (2017)

Household Typologies of Dhoulaguri and  Uttara Chakwakheti, India (June 2018)

Household Typologies of Amtali and Dacope Upazila, Bangladesh (Nov 2017)

Socially Inclusive Sustainable Intensification of Agriculture in West Bengal, India: Policy and Institutional Approaches  (July 2017)

Mapping high level institution, policies and programs towards socially inclusive and sustainable agricultural intensification in Bangladesh (Oct 2017)