Project Resources

The SIAGI Project summary brief – SIAGI project brief 2016

Ethical Community Engagement

The SIAGI Ethical Engagement Discussion Paper – SIAGI_Ethical Engagement_discussion paper_Final_March17

Workshop Report on Ethical Community Engagement: Perspectives and Practice. May 12-17, 2017 – Ethical Community Engagement Workshop_Workshop Report_final_4 Dec 2017

Ethical Community Engagement for Intensification, Inclusion and Collectivization SIAGI Report_Ethical Community Engagement Collectives_Final_July 2018

NGO Practice 

Processes, Principles and Challenges of Inclusive Community Engagement: Distilling NGO Best Practice SIAGI Report_NGO Practice_ Report for MTR_Final_july 2018

Value Chains 

Agricultural Intensification at Haldibari of Coochbehar District, West Bengal: A Comparison of Major Crops – SIAGI Report_VC_1_Haldibari Major Crops Report_FINAL_July 2018

A Comparative Value Chain Analysis of Major Crops at Haldibari Market – SIAGI Report_VC_2_Haldibari Market Report_FINAL_July 2018

Mango Farming by Self Help Groups at Jhariakocha of Bankura District –SIAGI Report_VC_3_Bankura mango VC report_FINAL_July 2018

Tea Plantation by Small Tea Growers at Jahuri Talma in Jalpaiguri District – SIAGI Report_VC_4_Tea Plantation VC report_FINAL_July 2018

Agricultural Intensification at Sekendarkhali Village of Amtali Upazila, Bangladesh: Market Dynamics of Sunflower – SIAGI Report_VC_5_Sekendherkhali sunflower market report FINAL_July 2018

Developing Socially Inclusive Value Chains in West Bengal: Role of Farmer Producer Organizations – SIAGI Report_Farmer Producer Organisations_Final_July 2018

Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture (NSA)

Co-designing a Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture (NSA) Program in Bankura – SIAGI Report_ NSA in Bankura_FINAL_July 2018

Bioeconomic and Integrated Modelling

SIAGI Conceptual Framework – SIAGI conceptual framework template_FINAL

Development of Prototype Models using Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping – SIAGI Report_FCM_development_FINAL_July 2018

Review of Integrated Modelling Approaches for R4D in Rural Communities – SIAGI Report_IM_LitReview_final_July 2018

Stakeholder-driven Discussion Support Tool for Agricultural Development through Suitable Crop Choices – SIAGI Report_Bio-economic modelling_Final_July 2018

A Synthesis of Risks and Opportunities of Agricultural Intensification in the SIAGI Case Study Areas – SIAGI Report_DSI_assessment_FINAL_July 2018

Baseline Reports (2017)

Household Typologies of Dhoulaguri and  Uttara Chakwakheti, India –SIAGI_Report_Farmer Typologies in West Bengal_Final_June17

Household Typologies of Amtali and Dacope Upazila, Bangladesh – SIAGI Report_Household Typologies_Bangladesh_Final_10 Nov 2017

Socially Inclusive Sustainable Intensification of Agriculture in West Bengal, India: Policy and Institutional Approaches –SIAGI Report_ India Policy_Final_ July17

Mapping high level institution, policies and programs towards socially inclusive and sustainable agricultural intensification in Bangladesh – SIAGI Policy Report_ Final_Bangladesh 19 October 2017