ANU Team

WendyDr Wendy Merritt has 15 years’ experience in designing and developing natural resource assessment models and Decision Support Systems. Her focus is Integrated Assessment with application to water resource management issues.

Wendy has two roles in the SIAGI project: she is involved in the development of the integration framework, model development and assessment, and scenario analysis; and is also coordinating the Bangladesh case studies.


jakeman2.jpgProfessor Tony Jakeman has over 35 years’ experience as an environmental modeller, focusing on hydrology and water resource modelling. Since 1997, Tony has been the Director of the iCAM (Integrated Catchment Assessment and Management) research group  at ANU, through which he has pursued methods and applications of integrated assessment and decision support on water resource issues.

Tony will support the development and evaluation of the integrated model(s) within the SIAGI project.


CrokeBarry_researchers_profile.jpgDr Barry Croke originally trained as an astrophysicist, and has been working in environmental science since 1996, with focus on water resource modelling: including flow, water quality (sediment, nutrient and pathogens) and carbon fluxes. Barry has particular expertise in model development, assessment and uncertainty analysis.

Barry will support the development and evaluation of the integrated model(s), particularly the representation of hydrology and water resources in the integrated model.