BAU Team

1 Serajul


Professor Dr M Serajul Islam has over 40 years’ experience teaching and researching agricultural economics: his research topics include fishery economics, livestock economics, value chain analysis, food security, farming system research and environmental studies, gender roles and the empowerment of women.

Serajul will guide the BAU team and will contribute to market analyses.

2 Lutful


Professor Dr Lutful Hassan has over 35 years’ experience teaching and researching genetics, plant breeding and biotechnology: his focus includes research on molecular plant breeding, salinity and drought management, climate change adaptation in the smallholder systems of South and South East Asia, integration science and research on research for development.

Lutful will formulate policy advice and develop stakeholder linkages.

4 Mojammelv2


Associate Professor Md Mojammel Haque has extensive experience in the field of agricultural economics, including fishery economics, value chain analyses, food security, gender roles and the empowerment of women.

Mojammel’s role will be the analysis of markets and value chains.


5 Wakil


Dr Md. Wakilur Rahman has extensive experience in the fields of agricultural economics and rural sociology: his research areas include adoption and impact assessment, micro-finance in Bangladesh and China, rural social and power structures, groundwater governance, and poverty and gender in rural development.

Wakil will contribute through livelihood analyses and the analysis of social systems.

7 Ismail


Professor Dr Mohammed Ismail Hossain has extensive experience in the fields of agricultural economics, agribusiness and marketing.  His research areas include market and value chain studies, policy network analysis, food security and rural development, fishery resource management, climate change, and the development of inclusive markets.

Ismail will contribute to the development of value chains and analysis of markets.

8 Hasneen


Professor Dr Hasneen Jahan has extensive experience in agricultural economics.  Her research areas include fishery economics, development economics, environmental validation, natural resource management challenges in Bangladesh, gender studies, and livelihood analyses.

Hasneen will contribute to the development and assessment of modelling tools and to gender analyses.



Kazi Farid is a qualitative researcher by training. His research interest includes socio-demographic impact study broadly along with population and development, migration and (in) equality, and social exclusion more specifically.

Kazi will contribute in this project by assessing dynamics of social exclusion in the coastal Bangladesh by employing qualitative research methods.