Rajeshwar4Dr Rajeshwar Mishra has extensive experience in social psychology: he has taught and researched in this field for almost 30 years, and has broad experience in development projects as a participation specialist with expertise in institutional and capacity development.  Rajeshwar is the founding chairperson of CDHI and led the organisation for 10 years.  Currently he serves as an advisor and mentor.

Rajeshwar will contribute to the design of survey methods, policy analysis, developing the conceptual framework for social inclusivity, and report writing.




Mr Subrata Majumdar has a science background with expertise in participatory research, institution building and the socio-technological analysis of development.   Subrata is a past secretary of CDHI.

Subrata will liaise between CDHI and the broader SIAGI team; he will facilitate field work and contribute to report writing.




Mr Dhananjay (Joy) Ray is an engineer with over two decades’ experience in technological innovation and organisation of local farmer collectives.  Joy is currently the CEO and secretary of CDHI.

Joy will provide specialist input to the NGO praxis and will contribute to the analysis of primary and secondary data.




Ms Mitali Ghosh is highly regarded across West Bengal for her knowledge of gender issues.  Mitali provides training to state-based gender training programs, including the West Bengal Rural Livelihoods Mission.  She is the current treasurer of CDHI and also the founder president of UBTMS, a sister organisation of CDHI.

Mitali will contribute to SIAGI as a gender specialist.




Mr Benu Kanta Dey has experience in participatory research across India.  He has spearheaded farmer-managed irrigation systems in North Bengal, and is the current executive director of CDHI.

Benu will coordinate field work and survey activities.