Christian2Dr Christian Roth is a soil hydrologist and agricultural scientist with over 30 years’ experience in tropical land and water management. In the last 15 years Christian’s focus has been on the integration of biophysical and social sciences and research into design principles for effective research for development.

Christian is the project leader for SIAGI, and will, with others, lead the research integration and stakeholder engagement.



Dr Uday Nidumolu  is an agricultural systems modeller with particular expertise in participatory climate risk assessments, whole farm bio-economic modelling, spatial and simulation modelling.

Uday’s research focuses on participatory climate risk assessments and yield gap analysis with an aim to unpack the socio-economic drivers that contribute to yield constraints. Uday is the deputy project leader and India coordinator for the project.




Dr Lucy Carter has experience working in international health, agriculture and nutrition links, and the ethics of development research and practice. Lucy is particularly interested in the role of gender to enhance nutrition and health outcomes.

Lucy will help identify and assess the health and social risks of intensification for vulnerable groups. Additionally she will assist in the development of a justice framework to better understand social inclusion and equity processes.




Ms Michaela Cosijn has 18 years of experience in pro-poor value chain development in the agriculture sector; participatory planning processes; public-private partnership development; and climate change adaptation in Africa and Asia.

In the SIAGI project Michaela will be supporting the development of the markets for the poor research component; public and private sector engagement and communication.


Lilly.jpgDr Lilly Lim-Camacho has over 10 years experience in value chain analysis, with applications on new rural industry development, market development and climate adaptation. Lilly is also passionate about science engagement and communication.

Lilly leads the value chain analysis (VCA) activity of SIAGI, and works with in-country teams to bring together multiple disciplinary approaches to VCA.



Alison in lab.JPGAlison Laing is a climatologist and cropping systems modeller with experience working in developing countries across South and Southeast Asia.

In SIAGI Alison will create and analyse scenarios to examine the performance of different cropping system management options under both current and future climates.