Arnab (1).JPGMr Arnab Chakraborty is an agricultural economist with over 20 years’ experience working in PRADAN. Arnab is a member of PRADAN’s management committee and takes responsibility for spearheading the organization’s mission.

Arnab is responsible for the coordination of PRADAN input into the SIAGI project, in particular in the areas of gender, behavioural change communication, knowledge management, and stakeholder management.

alak1Mr Alak Jana has over 20 years’ experience in rural development.  Alak has widespread experience in community-led livelihood enhancement, in particular on the development of natural resource management-based farming systems.  Alak’s key research area is the  integration of water and soil for enhancing productivity, with a focus on participatory engagement.

Alak will provide specialist input into environmental and ecosystem analysis, and will contribute to the development of value chains.


Mr Subhankar Chakraborty is experienced in promoting and nurturing women-led collectives, through Integrated Natural Resource Management.  Subhankar joined PRADAN’s leadership team in 2014 and coordinates the development of new initiatives.

Subhankar will facilitate on-ground arrangements in West Bengal and will contribute to the analysis of community based organisations.

SARANMOYEE KARMs. Saranmoyee Kar is experienced in promotion and nurturing of Community Based Organizations of poor women and Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture. She is also experienced in Watershed Development Programme and working with government and local governance to deliver government programmes.

Saranmoyee will facilitate the Community Based Organizations for promoting Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture and contribute in documenting the experience as well as learning in the process.


Mr. Raj Sekhar Bandopadhyay is experienced in Integrated Natural Resources Management and implementing projects on Governance and Citizenship. He has also experience in Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning.

Raj Sekhar will facilitate multi-stakeholder partnership building in the dimensions of natural resource management and contribute in crystallising learning on collaborations with government.


Mr. Sourav Bag has experience of working with tribal women collectives in Plateau region of the states of West Bengal and Bihar in India. Sourav’s expertise is in promotion and nurturing of Community Based Organizations and sustainable agricultural interventions for poor communities especially through collective led processes.

Sourav will be facilitating Community Based Organizations on adopting sustainable agricultural interventions.