Shushilan Team

MostafaMustafa Bakuluzzaman (Bakul) has 15 years’ experience in social research, project coordination, fund raising and grant management in: community & policy development; climate change; disaster risk reduction; management information systems; ecosystem base management; and training, liaison and partnership management.

Mustafa will coordinate Shushilan team activities, assist with the coordination of the wider Bangladesh team, design and oversee the Participatory Rural Appraisals (PRA) process, conduct training in ethics, social & human research, contribute to desktop studies, and provide input into the conceptual framework and design of semi-structured interviews.


Mahanam1.jpgMr Mahanambrota Das (Mahanam) has 15 years’ experience as a social researcher and development practitioner, with expertise in PRA tools, community risk assessment, livelihoods, gender and best practice documentation.  Mahanam’s main focus is in sustainable livelihoods.

Mahanam will assist with the coordination of the Shushilan and Bangladeshi teams, and contribute to household typologies and livelihood systems, the design and conduct of the PRA process, the conceptualisation of socio-ecological systems, and applications of value chains and integrated modelling.  Mahanam will also assist in the development of best practice guidelines and policy analysis.



Mr Saidul Islam  is experienced in qualitative and quantitative research tools with PRA.  He has expertise in data collection and data analysis.

Saidul will assist in the analysis of secondary data, develop household typologies, exercise PRA process, assist in the design and pilot of survey methods, compile primary data, and apply value chain analysis.



Sultana.JPGSultana Afrose is a social researcher with experience in qualitative and quantitative data collection.

Sultana will perform desktop analyses of environmental risks and opportunities, exercise participatory PRA, conduct semi-structured interview, provide input into yield gap analyses and manage data collection.



Mr Syed Pasha is very experienced in the planning and administration facets of the Bangladesh Government, with over 30 years’ experience in this field.

Syed will provide policy analysis and institutional landscape mapping.


Abdul.jpgMr Abdul Wadud has over 34 years’ experience as a researcher and project coordinator.  His expertise is in soil science and the interactions between soil and agronomy.

Abdul will provide input into yield gap analyses and support the development and promotion of sustainable agriculture intensification policies.