YES Bank Team

Tushar Pandey2.jpg

Mr Tushar Pandey has over 20 years’ experience in governance and institutional innovation and public-private partnerships.  His research focuses on the creation of intellectual property and demonstrating effective policy instruments.

Tushar will study critical policy and institutional linkages, particularly with respect to value chains, public-private partnerships, and farmer organisations.





Mr Parth Joshi is highly experienced in conceptualizing and executing sustainable knowledge based projects which cut across various sectors with a goal of developing improved policy and institutional frameworks.

Parth will study models of innovation and will research farmer interfaces and field research.


Srijita Dutta


Ms Srijita Dutta is an agribusiness management expert.  She researches and develops innovative and sustainable knowledge-based approaches to the agribusiness and rural development sectors.

Srijita will contribute to YES Bank research and report writing.