Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture (NSA)

SIAGI is exploring ways to utilise internationally-accepted nutrition-sensitive agriculture (NSA) frameworks and guidelines in the way it plans for and implements agricultural research activities.

For SIAGI partners who have not applied NSA concepts previously, sharing knowledge and building capacity internally has enabled the project team to start thinking about how NSA principles could be applied to current research activities.

For SIAGI partners more familiar with NSA principles and practices, a focus on trialling internationally-recognised NSA pathways to improve the personal food environment for example, has helped to identify ways in which nutrition outcomes could be enhanced.

Working in resource-poor communities such as Bankura district in West Bengal, has enabled SIAGI to more widely share experiences of applying NSA principles in settings where basic determinants of malnutrition are not consistently met.

Incorporating NSA approaches to components of SIAGI’s activities has led to new partnerships, improved water access especially for domestic use, and increased food sufficiency in the villages of Hakimsinan and Chakodoba, Bankura district.


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